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Books (published in polish):
  • Revealing the mystery of meaning. Essays in philosophy of language, Toruń: Toruń University Press 2011
  • Women in/of science. Gender problem in contemporary philosophy of science and research practice, Warsaw: Scholar Press 2013

Publications initially written and published in other languages than my mother tongue (mostly in English). You will find the whole list of my publications here:

Articles and book chapters
  • Wittgenstein's category of use as a starting point for the theory of language, "Cognitive Science and Media in Education", 1/2010, 139-150.
  • Nicht-dualisierende Redeweise und weibliche Subjektivität, in: Alexander Riegler and Stefan Weber (hg.), Die Dritte Philosophie. Kritische Beiträgezu Josef Mitterers Non-Dualismus, Weilerswist: Velbrück Wissenschaft 2010, 215-227.
  • How the Category of Embodiment Transforms the Problems of Philosophy of Language: The Case of Understanding, in: Language and World. Part Two. Signs, Minds and Actions, (ed.) Volker Munz, Klaus Puhl, Joseph Wang, Frankfurt, Lancaster: ontosverlag 2010, 235-245.
  • Explicit and Implicit Assumptions in Noam Chomsky’s Theory of Language "Forum Philosophicum" vol. 13, 1/2008, 83-101.
  • The Non-dualizing Way of Speaking and the Female Subjectivity Problem, "Constructivist Foundations", special issue: Non-dualizng Philosophy of Josef Mitterer, (eds.) A. Riegler S. Weber, July 2008, 208-214.
  • Lebensform as a Wittgensteinian way of understanding culture. Theoretical perspectives for the (intercultural) dialogue, in: Christian Kanzian, Edmund Runggaldier (eds.), Cultures. Conflict-Analysis-Dialogue, Proceedings of the 29th International Ludwig Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria 2007, 33-43.
  • Scepticism as a constructive philosophical approach. (Historical background – main theses - contemporary examples.), "Toruński Przegląd Filozoficzny" vol. 7/8, 2006, 167-176.
  • The Wittgensteinian idea of analysis as a base for constructive contemporary scepticism, in: Johann Ch. Marek, Maria E. Reicher (ed.), Experience and Analysis. Papers of the 27th International Wittgenstein Symposium, vol. XII, August 8-14, 2004, Kirchbergam Wechsel 2004, 98-100.
  • Why has the Queen of Bees Been the King for so Long? A Few Reflections on the Gender Problem in Science, W: Hajo Greif, Martin Weiss (eds.), Ethics, Society, Politics. Proceedings of the 35th International Wittgenstein Symposium. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Ontos 2013, 531-545.
  • Review of Ireneusz Ziemiński, Śmierć, nieśmiertelność, sens życia. Egzystencjalny wymiar filozofii Ludwiga Wittgensteina (Death, Immortality, The Meaning of Life. The Existential Dimension of Ludwig Wittgenstein's Philosophy), "Forum Philosophicum" vol. 13, 2/2008) no. 2, 379-385.
  • Ideas of Hilary Putnam’s philosophy in the battle for the rationality of religious discourse. The review of the book written by Piotr Sikora, "Słowa i zbawienie. Dyskurs religijny w perspektywie filozofii Hilarego Putnama", "Forum Philosophicum", vol. 12, 2/ 2007, 458-464.