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About me

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I am a philosopher, translator, and philologist.

With unwavering enthusiasm, I work at the Institute of Philosophy of the Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU) in Toruń, currently leading the Chair of Practical Philosophy.

I was the research visiting fellow at The Center for Gender and Women’s Studies Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland (2013-2017), previously at the Center for Humanities Utrecht University in the Netherlands (September 2011) and at the Center for Logic and Analytic Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium (2005-2006 ). I did an educational internship at Kings College, London (July-August 2003) and the Faculty of Philosophy Oxford University (September-October 2000) in Great Britain.

My work focuses on gender, subjectivity, and body problems in contemporary philosophy and cognitive science. I publish within the field of contemporary feminist philosophy and (feminist) science and technology studies.

I was co-founder and director of postgraduate gender studies at Faculty of Humanities at NCU (from 2013 till 2017), and from 2018 till now, I am managing editor of “AVANT. Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies“.

I am enthusiastic about shaping the scientific policy at the NCU (IDUB; YUFE), from November 1, 2020 I was appointed Deputy Rector for equality at NCU.